Scott Brown as St. Joan of Arc

by mkeeffer

Revenge was served cold at Martha Coakley’s concession party last night.

There was no one to blame, yet everyone was to blame.

Politics in the U.S. is at its worst when one side or the other gets caught thinking they’ve already won.  And perhaps that’s what last night’s lesson is:  real winners fight like hell to represent their constituents, no matter what.

So just what went wrong for Coakley?  How about no database and no ID list.  Those two items are Campaign 101 even for a candidate seeking their high school class presidency.  The campaign might have been better run by the Three Stooges.

Coakley missed on every level.  Her DOA organization left voters upset that the woman who wanted to represent them wasn’t willing to work for their vote, but instead felt it was hers by right.  Entitlement is always a losing position, as Marie Antoinette found out.

So we come to our central image:  Scott Brown, now Senator Scott Brown of Mass, is the new Joan of Arc championing rebellious Republicans and Independents alike who are more than a little angry about the ballooning deficit, perceived lack of national security and shrinking availability of jobs.  The GOP caught Democrats flat-footed and made them look inept and pathetic.   Brown will drive his pickup truck to Washington, D.C. and spend the next two years ingratiating himself to voters in preparation for his next election in 2012.

The Mass Massacre may foreshadow Independents (who helped Obama into the White House) deserting in droves.  Black voters weren’t excited by the race and sat this one out.

We’ll have to wait until the fall to see if the Democrats will be served for cream tea by the GOP, but one thing is clear:  Obama’s pleas to Dem voters fell on deaf ears and with the loss of the Kennedy Senate seat, he’s under more pressure than ever before.