Exclusive Coverage: Barbara Boxer’s 1/23 ‘Be a Boxer’ Telecon

by mkeeffer

Comments by Senator Boxer were brief and to the point today in her ‘Be a Boxer’ teleconference.  She is a fighter who is energized by the work she does on behalf of the people of California.

She spoke about attending the ‘Women Making History2010’ event in L.A. to honor Lily Ledbetter for her years of work in support of  equal pay for women.   Citing the recent election in Massachusetts and the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling on special interest ‘freedom of speech,’ Boxer said she is “more determined, more committed to jobs, education for your kids and healthcare.  I’m only going to do the bidding of the people.”

Len and Rita Sperry, who Boxer knew by name, asked what could be done regarding the Supreme Court ruling on corporate political contributions.  Boxer commented that the Senate Judiciary Committee is reviewing the decision and considering what action to take.  She mentioned the unfairness of corporate ‘free speech’ that is determined by the size of a company’s huge treasury vs. the comparably small funds of an average citizen.  Tax law changes may also be considered.

New contributor Walter Daniels asked Boxer about her feelings regarding bank reform.  She said, “I have a degree in economics and I worked on Wall Street.  I voted against the Glass-Steagall act repeal and tearing down that wall.”  She stated that the president is right about the need for consumer protection and said she’s voting against reconfirming Ben Bernanke as the head of the Fed.

Boxer emphasized that she is focusing on the economy and jobs – adding that “housing is really, really bad and we need to get a handle on it.”  She stated firmly that a recovery with GNP but without jobs isn’t acceptable to her.