Fiorina Slaps Boxer; Commentors in SF Chron Slap Fiorina

by mkeeffer

Marisa Lagos of the S.F. Chronicle reported recently that Fiorina has taken the gloves off.

She’s on the attack against Senator Boxer – and has changed her strategy and is also badmouthing Republican challengers Tom Campbell and state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

Her comments on the importance of jobs is especially hard to stomach, considering as HP’s CEO she cut thousands upon thousands of jobs and outsourced thousands more to HP sites in India.  Guess after being fired by the HP Board she’s conveniently ‘forgotten.’

In the same article, Fiorina mistakenly accuses Campbell of wanting to legagalize marijuana.  In fact, as journalist Lagos found out by making one phone call, Campbell does not.  She made similar errors while fronting for the McCain campaign.

A few steaming hot comments from Chronicle readers:

“Yes Carly, Californians are concerned about jobs. That’s why we’re not going to vote for someone who got rich by outsourcing California jobs to India, like you did.”

“Carly, we saw what you did to AT&T, Lucent, and HP. Are you nuts? Do you really think we want you anywhere near the levers of power in California? If you’re smart, you’ll announce a withdrawal from the race and humbly throw your support to Tom Campbell. Do what’s right for California; not what’s fun for Carly…”

“Carly has already proven “economics”and “common sense” are not her strong suits. Recent comments also evidence of lack of knowledge on what’s going on in the world.”

“There are several things that distinguish MA from CA. First, Boxer is a very good campaigner. Hershensen, Fong and Jones all had high hopes until they ran into tough campaign. Second, CA is decidedly pro-choice and MA is not. If Campbell is the GOP candidate, the race gets more interesting, but Boxer will clearly beat Fiorina. Third, Californian need and want health care reform. MA’s got theirs. Fiorina has hers. The rest of us need some help.”

My dream race?  Campbell vs. Boxer.  Campbell is the most experienced, smartest GOP candidate.  He has proven himself effective in politics for years.

The easiest to beat?  Clearly the inexperienced Fiorina.