My Neighbor Jim

by mkeeffer

Jim is my neighbor, and he and his wife Tammy are great people with three adult kids.  We couldn’t ask for better people to live next door.

During a conversation last Saturday, Jim, who is a Silicon Valley engineer and who has worked at Apple, Yahoo and several other ‘name brand’ tech companies, said, “Obama has about three more months to pull it together.  After that, he’s history.”

I was shocked because Jim describes himself as a progressive who has voted Democratic his entire life.

But he told us he’s mad that an entire year has been wasted on a healthcare bill that hasn’t even been passed yet – and that looks like it’ll be pretty watered down if it ever does see the light of day.

He wondered why few people in Washington D.C. seem to understand that people need jobs.  To Jim, that’s the crux of the problem.  He said he has a relative who lives back East who is just days away from losing his home to foreclosure – and his relatives don’t have any idea where they’ll go.

Jim is a patient person.  He’s a man who gets things done.  But he’s tired of waiting and seeing the same old stuff happen in our Federal government.  A big supporter of the Democratic Party, he told me he’s had it and they’re not getting any more money from him.

He wrote a letter to the president for the first time in his life last week stating that he was tired of the pussy-footing around, sick of banks with lots of capital not lending, mad about Wall Street and tired of all the bickering over healthcare.

Alienated.  Maybe that’s the word that explains how open-minded, fair people who have always thought of themselves as Democrats (and who supported Obama’s successful run for the White House) can now feel forgotten and left out.