Day 1: Trouble in Carlyville

by mkeeffer

10 hours.

That was all it took for Carly Fiorina to decide to mouth off in front of an open mike, dissing CA GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman for choosing to be interviewed by Sean Hannity (whoa – Carly thinks he’s a tough interviewer!), then bad mouthing Barbara Boxer’s hair.


This is such a high level of political thought, I’m still in shock. Guess she has less than total recall of others sunk by open mike mouth….Ronald Reagan’s “We begin bombing in five minutes…” is just one example.

Our country is engaged in two wars, we have terrible economic problems, unemployment is far too high, and the VA has been caught burning medical records of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans so they can avoid the expense of giving them proper medical care for post-traumatic stress and other brain injuries.

Eva Gabor on a Green Acres rerun has more political heart and savvy.  Maybe Carly should just run for mayor of Hooterville.