LA Times: Carly so Scripted, Voters Yearn for Authenticity

by mkeeffer

The LA Times took note of Fiorina’s trash talk this week about Barbara Boxer’s hair during her open-mike error:

Perhaps, but it seems more illustrative of a yearning among journalists — and voters — for moments of authenticity that have become so rare in politics. Driven by money and advertising, campaigns today are scripted and candidates guarded. Office seekers avoid spontaneous contact with constituents; they are shielded by police tape, velvet ropes, handlers and security guards. They stay relentlessly “on message” and, in the process, aloof.

Fiorina’s persona while office-seeking is very much a match with her HP CEO days.  Control, play keep away, spin.

Read the entire LA Times editorial…their take?

… candidates who use their resources to shield themselves from scrutiny, those who rely on television ads and avoid the risks of spontaneity, are those who create the greatest craving for authenticity. Candidates such as Fiorina.