WA Post: Carly Stands by Hairgate

by mkeeffer

S0 now we’ve got Hairgate.

In a world of huge economic challenges, Carly Fiorina chooses to focus on hair (not hers).

I somehow expected more.  As one of many PR directors at an agency that served HP during Carly’s tenure, she appeared to have a great deal of experience and know-how regarding working in public.

She received hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of media training and consultation from the best PR people in the business during her tenure as CEO. Carly was briefed, primed, pumped, primped and informed on every detail.  We regularly received calls from speech writers stating that she wanted more info on this or that.

‘Citizen Carly’ who’s ‘just folks’ doesn’t exist – she went pro a long, long time ago.  In short, this isn’t her first time at the rodeo.

So why can’t Carly make it to the 8-second buzzer?  Why the Hairgate epic fail?

Some executives don’t listen.  Some are tied up in their own image.  But the real killer?  CEOs who hire bad advisers, then listen to them.  That’s what I saw happen at HP.

We Californians can’t afford to have it happen in the U.S. Senate.

Hairgate is just another indicator that Fiorina is not yet ready for prime time.

Another article has been written on it…read David Weigel’s piece in The Washington Post.