Fox News Sunday: Chris Wallace Interviews Carly Fiorina

by mkeeffer

If Fox is our most conservative news outlet, you’d have a hard time telling that from the transcript of today’s Chris Wallace interview of Carly Fiorina.

Chris’ first question to Carly?  Hairgate!  What about it, have you called Senator Boxer to apologize (no answer, so we can assume no), and Chris’ statement:

…you’ve been called a mean girl, catty, tart, and unpleasant.  How do you plead?

Carly talked over the interviewer, said she regretted ‘Hairgate,’ and talked about jobs and the economy as being important topics in this election cycle.

My favorite part?  Here it comes…Wallace says:

WALLACE: But, Ms. Fiorina, if the issue is jobs, Senator Boxer says your record is what you did as the head of Hewlett-Packard. And the record shows, according to her — and it’s not just her; the facts are that during that time you laid off more than 30,000 American workers, and many of those jobs went to India and China.

And there we have it.  Voters probably don’t care much about HP’s cash flow, increasing the rate of innovation to 11 patents a day, or growing the company to $88 billion.

All that growth while cutting 30,000 jobs is the real corporate message.  The benefit went to shareholders, Board members and upper management – not to the workers and the communities where HP resides.

Not the kind of work that will help eliminate the 12%+ California unemployment figure.

I don’t like reading interview transcripts that demonstrate the interviewee’s inability to have a conversation with the interviewer.  Granted, the time involved was short, but Carly doesn’t converse.  Instead, she spews message points.

That’s not thinking.  It’s being a robot mouthing bullet points – and it’s not what California needs.

The entire transcript with Chris Wallace on Fox is here – take a look.